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Multi Media Applications & Video Production

Multimedia production is any type of production that utilize Images or Videos (or a blend of both) in a combination of text, audio and graphics motions.
Our experts are able to produce for you, Graphic Motion Animations, Video Production, Video Editing, Digital movie effects, an many other services related with Multimedia.

Interview with CEO

As the CEO of Designpro Network, since years we help make retailers to be more successfull, create their own info-structure for the retailers enviorements of the future; Imagin the digital screen of a store of the future, the content is changing depending by the way of what is happening in the store, so what we are doing is to help companies to reach this level of technologies in order to improve either the experience of the customers that the return of the single retailer. What we are able to do is to project your Media structure applying the most recent web and mobile software applications.

Interview with Barry Salzman, CEO of YCD Multimedia

Mp4 Video Sequence Slider Boxes

Do you have multiple videos to be assembled in a dynamic sequence?

Video Strategies & Movie Services

There’s no doubt that videos in the present day are very very important. After all, people today are spending a third of their time watching online video content. According to statistics more of the 80% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and up 75% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.
What Our Multimedia Studio can do for you!

The short introduction up, is already giving you a dimension of how important it is today to think and plan a Video Marketing Satrategy for your Company or Brand.

All successful marketing campaigns must start with research "who do you target?" So the study of the contents is fundamental importance to obtain an excellent video marketing campaign.

With decades of experience we are able to project and deliver professional video editing that provide all-inclusive service, which includes enrichment of the movie, adding special effects, and mixing the sound.

Want to Customize your Personal Video? Do you need a Graphic Motion Video Animation? Please feel free to describe Us your Idea.